Welcome to my blog!

Hello friends! My name is Julianne De Witt and I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC with my husband Patrick, my two sons, our giant Newfie, Arlo and bossy Frenchie, Steve.

Patrick is a type 1 diabetic and has been since the age of 4 years old and because of this, we tend to stick to a mostly paleo diet. I say mostly because my kids love their carbs but sometimes we all need a big plate of pasta or chocolate or a glass of wine or two.

In my younger days I worked in several restaurants in a variety of jobs – from serving to bartending to accounting and managing. I’m a classically trained chef and have dabbled in catering and menu development.

I like to take classic comfort foods and make them healthier and lower carb. We love our meat but have recently added more plant-based meals into our diet to reduce the impact not only on our health but on the planet. I like easy weeknight meals and fiddly appetizers and desserts that remind me of my cooking school days. I hope you enjoy my recipes!

Happy cooking!